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New packaging solution for liquid products.

The inventor, also the founder of the company ESAPAC, Esa Mäkinen has developed and patented an ingenious packaging system for all kind of liquids. ESAPAC, which is additionally the name of the packaging itself, has been developed and tested during several years and the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm, has scientifically verified its unique emptying properties. The whole concept with everything from the machine for manufacturing the packaging to the filling of the liquid is available! For this reason ESAPAC is ready for large-scale production today. Besides, Esa has been awarded international appreciation, diplomas and prizes for his smart invention at plenty exhibitions and fairs.
ESAPAC is round and separable from the external packaging. In its simplest design it consists of a soft deformable plastic bag, which holds the liquid contents. When this bag is completely filled it becomes a ball. At the equator of the plastic bag there is a stiff, but still deformable, plastic ring, which serves as attachment surface and stabilizer between the plastic bag and the external packaging (or the outer casing). Of course the plastic bag is prepared for connection of a drain tap/valve, which is then mounted on the South or North Pole of the bag.
If you wish a higher accuracy of the drain volume, ESAPAC can be connected to a dosing unit. The packaging is then designed a little differently. At first, an enclosing casing will be added to the plastic bag. This casing is made of non-deformable hard plastic. This outer casing is also round and looks like a ball. Secondly, a membrane is added. This membrane is attached to the outer casing and is placed between the outer casing and the bag. ESAPAC can then be nearly infinitely drained (with a dosing accuracy down to 0.14 ml) by a pressure from water or air (from the dosing unit) connected to the outer casing. In other words, the water or the air, between the outer casing and membrane, pushes out the contents of the bag as the pressure increases.
The revolutionary with ESAPAC, compared to other packaging, is that the plastic bag (the inner ball) fits in any geometry of the package and at the same time, it consumes less amount of content! It is because a ball never needs to be filled completely in order to be barely contained, that is to get exactly the same volume and area, in any body (cube, square block, etc). The plastic bag is not completely filled so it is shaped after the package, when the bag is contained in the package. The plastic ring of the bag, along the equator, is also shaped of course and it is important for it to be connected in line with the largest dimension of the package (for instance the diagonal of the cube).

The advantages with ESAPAC:
1. Environmentally friendly packaging: Made of 100 % recyclable material, 10 times less transports to factory compared to actual solutions, no preservatives are needed.
2. Profits for end customer: Emptying rate of as much as 99.7 %, regardless the design of the package! Longer shelf life of the content.
3. Flexibility: Adaptable to customer needs and demands concerning the design of the package, drain tap, pour spout, valve and the volume of the bag (from 2 cl and up).
4. Economy: Purposeful and cost-effective production, where the entire manufacturing process, i.e. from feeding the plastic film to pre-filled packaging, takes place at the customer in an automated packaging machine.
5. Service: Complete control throughout production, customizable service and production line with proven technology.


6. Hygiene of food and medicine: 100 % hermetically sealed packaging that stays
tight all the way from filling to draining, free from polluted and dirty air, production takes place in bacteria-free clean rooms. The plastic foil, drain tap, valve and connection brackets are delivered in hygienic packaging.
7. Quality: The round shape and the unique material quality make ESAPAC durable.
The quality of the plastic foil, the tap and the outer packaging is adapted to the customers’ requirements and needs.


8. News: ESAPAC is a completely new type of bag-in-box packaging on the market with flexible solutions and unique qualities.

ESAPAC is one of few invented packaging in the world that is 100 % airtight, which makes it particulary suitable for bacteria-sensitive liquids such as food and medicine. To get some idea of how ESAPAC stands in relation to other packaging, here is a brief comparison with three other packaging: 


Only Ecolean can compete with ESAPAC to get that much out of the content. On the other hand, there are a number of markets for ESAPAC to enter, while Ecolean is limited to the food industry. In addition to plastic, Liquiglide can be manufactured in metal, ceramics and glass. However, it does not manage to maintain the same lifespan of the content as ESAPAC.
The classic color jar is a well-known packaging on the market which thus creates a sense of security for people. Unfortunately, it is not particularly environmentally friendly, as it causes a lot of wastage and occupies an unnecessary amount of space upon delivery.


For more information about this eminent invention and about our business, please visit ESAPAC`s website at:

Esa Mäkinen