The idea behind Esapac was born 30 years ago and has resulted in a number of international patent competitions and medals.

In cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), eight groups of engineers have studied and developed Esapac to a packaging system for liquid products of all kinds suitable both for consumer products and industrial applications.


The machine include moulding tool, blanking tool, welding toll and pressure tool to print the text of your choice on the packaging.

Price: appr. 4 000 000 SEK, free of charge for the machine builder in Sweden.

Capacity: appr. 50 packagings per minute (50x60x8x0,85 = 15 000 in 8 hours).

Price: appr. 5,25 SEK, per packaging. Closer details are: film, over track, under track, attachement and dosage pump.

Estimated time of delivery is 3 to 5 months. The machine is assembled and tested on location.

We provide the production of the Machine, drawings, service and test run before delivery.


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